App Development

We have years of experience of software development and building cloud apps on platforms including:

  • platform –

  • Apple – iOS

  • Zoho – Creator

  • Amazon – AWS

  • Microsoft – Azure

We are official development & ISV/OEM partners with Apple,, Docusign and Conga. We also partner with ServiceMax for Field Service Solutions and Sercaa for Zoho CRM support.

Whether your app development is at the idea stage, or you already have a product and need to make it mobile or want to move it to the cloud, we can do it for you.

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Experts in Research and Development – building great applications

App DevelopmentThe most successful method of transitioning your business or product to the Cloud is through carrying out a professional research and development project to design and build a solution that is completely aligned to your business requirements.

That is exactly what we deliver.

We ensure we completely understand your company’s needs and will devise a work plan in line with your business’s ability to accept change and in line with an agreed budget.

Our highly-skilled consultants will work closely with you in order to ensure your app development will meet your requirements and are equally adept at:

  • Custom Cloud projects

  • Custom on-premise projects

  • Mobile (online & offline) projects

  • Integration & Connectors with third party applications

  • Data Migration (ETL – Extract, Transform & Load)

Cloudtech - Guaranteed SuccessWe will sub-divide the app development project into realistic and achievable short-term phases in order to deliver a return on investment for you as soon as possible. We will also provide a roadmap with a clear upgrade path to allow future developments over a 12 to 24 month period.

While the methodology is important, the real guarantee of success is the quality and experience of the people involved. Our team have delivered consistently and successfully for a diverse portfolio of clients in the past and they will do likewise for you.

Our experience is your guarantee.

Cloud Development Life Cycle (CDLC)

We have a multi-stage project life cycle which is a mixture of both agile and rapid application development running under a traditional ‘waterfall’ style of project management.

Project management, scoping and workshops are normally run onsite as your own business domain experts are normally required to provide detailed input. The build itself can either be onsite or offsite or a combination. All Testing and Quality Assurance will be carried out locally by senior Cloudtech resources, while final Client User Acceptance Testing, Sign-off, Handover, Go Live and Post Implementation Support will also be carried out locally.

The following detailed steps are our approach to ensuring a successful project

  • Research Stage
    – Complete the Business Process Review Questionnaire (BPRQ)
    – Produce the Statement of Work (SOW)
    – Create the high level Project Initiation Document (PID)
    – Carry out detailed business analysis workshops
    – Review existing documented requirements and applications
    – Capture, document and agree user and business requirements

  • Design Stage
    – Develop high level functional & technical specifications
    – Provide detailed effort & costs report to customer

  • Development
    – Application Build
    – System Integrations
    – Data Migrations (Extract, Transform and Load)

  • Test & rebuild cycles
    – Quality Assurance

  • Training

  • Handover & Go Live

  • Post Implementation Support

Cloud Development Life Cycle

Key Benefits

  • Your business processes are completely supported by the application

  • Clean screens tailored to your users requirements

  • Single click as opposed to navigating through screens