Cloudtech is currently seeking interested partners for the Beta trial stage of an exciting project we have been undertaking with a leading SAAS company, involving both Scorebuddy and Salesforce.

Scorebuddy is an award-winning product already in use in call centres and support and service desks worldwide, to measure the performance of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and other staff who handle customer omni-channel interactions (calls, chat, email etc.) – generally referred to as Quality Assessment (QA).

Typically, Scorebuddy’s QA is used for regulatory and compliance purposes as well as in staff appraisals, learning and development situations. If you are using Salesforce to log and manage calls, cases, tickets, and emails, then you probably already use or need a product like Scorebuddy in order to assess and benchmark performance.

We have developed a Salesforce connector in order to bring Scorebuddy onto the AppExchange. The benefits of using the connector will include:

  • Scorebuddy QA scoring and review will all be carried out within Salesforce – with the Scorebuddy scorecard and related Salesforce information showing side by side in one window

  • CSRs staying inside Salesforce and not having to log into another application in order to access their performance metrics or review their aims and objectives

  • Scorebuddy user, supervisor, team and group administration is all carried out within Salesforce

  • Non Scorebuddy users are able to view the high level QA dashboards in Salesforce – summary, YTD, trend analysis, etc.

If your organisation operates a call centre, support or help desk, and carries out quality or compliance assessments of staff you are invited to try out this new and exciting partnership.

We are looking for a small number of clients to carry out these Beta trials starting in mid-April, so please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to take part.

Contact Details

Tim Pullen, Cloudtech – or 086 6044820
Dick Bourke, Sentient – or 086 3812444