Company History

Cloudtech was incorporated in Dublin in 2009 as a software application and development company and was pre-trading until early 2015. The strategic aim of the business is to carry out research and development on business applications in order to bring them to commercial markets around the world. In addition to building our own applications, we also design, build, maintain and support software applications for our clients.

Cloudtech Company HistoryWith the global and European economies recovering from 2014, more companies were approaching Cloudtech to discuss their requirements for building applications and integrating their own products to others.

Additionally, referrals have been coming from Enterprise Ireland clients who have been looking to carry out feasibility studies in order to build out their products for international markets.

During 2015 the Cloudtech team has been working with clients on the following projects

  • Research, design and deliver an iPad application for a firm of Loss Adjusters

  • Research and recommend technology platform for a global ERP product build

  • Feasibility study for a global product that will work within the Chinese ‘firewalled’ market

  • Built a software ‘connector’ between a web hosted application and a major Cloud CRM

  • Design and build integration between Sage and a major Cloud CRM

  • Build a proof of concept for accessing a client third party application through a Cloud CRM

New products coming in 2016

Looking to 2016, Cloudtech is expecting the business to continue to grow with our own initial products being ready for launch mid-year. Our products are:

  • Board Manager

    For Directors of small and medium-sized limited companies who have a responsibility to hold/record Board meetings. Our solution integrates a business aims generator with a meeting manager, providing a link between the strategic goals of the company and the decisions, tasks and actions being generated by the Directors. This is an improvement on current solutions that only manage the statutory and legal reporting requirements of Company Secretaries.

  • Contribution Manager

    For educational institutions who request payment contributions from parents. Our solution provides a secure mobile/online service to make, manage and monitor educational payments. In addition to the time & effort savings of the traditional manual management of this process the real benefit of this solution is that it can offer an additional income for educational institutions via tax contribution reclaims.