COVID-19 : HSA Back to Work Protocols

Cloudtech COVID 19 Back to Work Protocols

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) in Ireland has published checklists and templates to help businesses get up and running again and to inform companies and employees about what they need to do to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

Companies have a duty to be aware of the need to securely maintain and manage information that contains private, personal information (PPI) especially where it is health related (and also remain GDPR compliant).

You can see the HSA details relating to the back to work protocols by clicking through here – HSA COVID-19

If you don’t have a secure GDPR compliant HR system that can record the data and manage these protocols we can implement the Zoho People solution for you (either standalone or as part of the Zoho One suite) Cloudtech Zoho One and have these COVID-19 forms, documents, checklists as online versions (digitally signed as appropriate) and recorded against each staff member.  Zoho People is a completely cloud based application and ideal for remote and distributed working.

Where appropriate Directors/Owners & Manager will have forms and checklists showing compliance, actions outstanding, records etc.  Automated reminders will alert managers of non-compliance or forms outstanding.  No more need for paper records!  Companies will be able to track and monitor staff responses (or lack of responses) as well as provide detailed reports to the HSA as appropriate.

Cloudtech Zoho PeopleZoho People is a fully featured HR application – your COVID19 documents and checklists etc. would be a small (but important) part of the overall solution.

Zoho People also provides all the standard Personnel features and functionality including employee self service, time and attendance, shift rota’s, new employee on boarding, health & safety, training management, grievance & disciplinary management, compensation plus many, many more features.

In order to compare the different editions and pricing please click through here – Zoho People Editions and Pricing.  In order to take a no obligation free 30 day trial please click here – Cloudtech – Zoho People 30 day Trial.

In order to assist companies with their return to work protocols Cloudtech is now offering a discount of 20% off the list price of the Zoho People software for all orders signed with them before June 30th 2020.

Next steps?

In order to configure and provide training in the Zoho People application – as well as put the HSA COVID-19 documents and checklists into the system as electronic forms – Cloudtech is offering the following fixed price packages for its services.

  • Companies up to 10 employees – €1,500
  • Companies up to 20 employees – €3,250
  • Companies up to 50 employees – €7,000
  • Companies over 50 employees – Contact Tim Pullen on +353 (0)86 604 4820 / to discuss.

Additionally Cloudtech is offering the following tranche payments in order to help companies with their back to work cashflow.

  1. 50% on signing
  2. 25% on project completion
  3. 25% 1 month after project completion

We are also able to offer our customers remote system administration and support in either 3, 6, 9 or 12 month packages @ €500/month.

To take advantage of this offer (which will finish on the 30th June 2020) please contact –

Tim Pullen (on +353 (0)86 604 4820 or to discuss your requirements and agree start dates.