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Along with paying tax, change is an absolute certainty in our economic system (OK – unless you are a large US software company!).  If you don’t change – your business will not be competitive.  Change can come from anywhere – technology, people, processes, regulations, politics, products, your competition and even the weather!  You need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to make changes that work for you.

A simple change example is replacing the business software you may be using.

Many companies purchase software licenses – and then inertia kicks in!  What we have found is that the software does get used – but with only minimum adoption and the simplest of functionality.  Often there is a form of ‘passive resistance’ from end users who may not have been involved in the software selection process, may not have had sufficient training or feel that is easier to keep using the ‘old way’ of doing things!

Many software vendors will ‘over-sell’ the licenses – so you end up paying too much for too many licenses over too long a period.  Some customers have told us that it was such a painful process dealing with the software supplier that the thought of changing or improving the solution never gets on the agenda (and there always seems to be an additional license required!).

More worryingly we have found that some customers often fear the cost of changing to a more cost effective and better solution.  It is a fact that the price of most business software has fallen over the last five years whilst the standard functionality and features available has risen.  By way of a real life example, we changed the business software we were using from to the Zoho One suite – with a saving of over 60% on our CRM licenses.  We also no longer have software licenses costs for our HR, Invoicing, Project Management, Online Conferencing, Expenses, and online Signing – as this (and 30 other applications!) are already included in price of the Zoho One suite.  For a small specialist business like us this reduction in our underlying cost base has been significant.  We’d be happy to talk you through our experience or read the full story here

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How Cloudtech can help, would you like to:

* find ways to increase your revenue recognition and improve the quality of your sales and operations output.

* remove unnecessary costs and obstacles whilst building in compliance and standards.

* review your business reporting and dashboards and what these metrics are telling you.

We can help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and turn these into an action plan for improving and changing your business.  Once we’ve developed a plan our consultants or business analysts will work with you for a couple of days a month over a period of time to help you manage and implement the changes that really make a difference.

Cloudtech have been operating successfully in Ireland for 10 years.  During this time we’ve improved the business efficiency and implemented CRM systems for nearly 300 companies (that’s over 550 projects!) from small local companies right up to large multi-nationals.

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