Tesco Bank in the UK is suffering severe operational and financial headaches this week following a serious security breach at the weekend.

More than 40,000 customers had their online bank accounts compromised, with more than 20,000 of those suffering fraudulent withdrawals. Tesco is blaming a ‘systematic, sophisticated attack’ for the breach, and is currently re-paying all customers who suffered losses.

Overall, it means serious losses and serious pain for Tesco. But the breach leads us to ask:

  • When was the last time you checked your end to end CRM security?
  • Have you cleaned up your users access and removed system administration access?
  • How secure are your API connections to 3rd party systems?
  • Just who gets your unencrypted .CSV data exports?
  • Have you ever had an audit to test how safe your customer applications are?

A full System and Security HealthCheck from Cloudtech will make sure your CRM is as secure can be.

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Don’t be the next Tesco.