Integration, Migration & Recovery

Integrations & Connectors

‘The internet of things’. But what does IoT really mean? Connectivity! Cloudtech specialises in API integrations and building seamless connectors between systems and products – whether on-premise or in the Cloud.

Typical projects include:

  • Sage integrations to

  • ERP system integration to

  • Field Service app integration to

  • Global Learning Management app integration to Zoho

  • Test Management app integration to Zoho

  • Payment processing apps to

  • Moodle integrations to

  • Product Connectors to ensuring availability via Salesforce’s AppExchange

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Data Migration Projects

Data Migration can be an enormous part of your project and budget if not well planned and executed. You cannot afford to leave behind valuable corporate information, but it also has to be accurate and up to date. De-duping, cleansing and normalising data is a thankless task – but try carrying out any marketing campaign with poor data!

Cloudtech has specialists in Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) who have many years data migration experience. Most of our projects will contain an element of data migration and initial data loading.

Some examples of the type of data migration we have undertaken

Recovery Projects

If your existing Cloud or on-premise system is not performing as you would wish or giving your business the results you require, then Cloudtech has the solution.

We provide a Project Re-Energisation Programme (PREP) that will identify the problems and implement solutions. This approach is typically a more efficient and cost-effective means of addressing problems than putting in a completely new system.

Cloudtech Project Re-Energisation Programme PREP

Problems with existing systems can be caused by issues including

  • Poor design

  • Duplicated and / or unformatted data introduced during data migration

  • Poor training

  • Missing fields / picklists

  • Manual cutting and pasting of data from third party applications

  • Poor screen design / too many mouse actions necessary

  • Simply trying to do too much too quickly!

As we begin our Project Re-Energisation Programme, we will ask

  • What did you initially want from your system, and what do you want from it now?

  • What do you see as the current obstacles?

  • Have there been changes to your business model?

  • What KPIs are you looking for?

  • What reports and dashboards do you want to see running?

  • Are your staff fully cognisant of how to use the system?

Once we understand your needs, we will devise an action plan before developing and implementing a solution to deliver the results you require. The approach is very much on a ‘keep it simple’ level.

Key Benefits

  • Re-attaining the initial goal of system use

  • Improved user adoption, with better efficiencies

  • Reduces alternative ‘personal’ systems

  • No expensive change process to implement a new system