Our Experience

The Cloudtech team has decades of experience in delivering projects for clients around the world on many platforms and in different technologies. Our projects range from the initial scoping and requirements gathering projects right up to design, build and deliver.

We have built several ‘stand alone’ solutions as well as engineering the extensive customisation and build-out of CRM functionality and applications (for both B2C and B2B).

App Developments

In today’s world, mobility is critical and we have delivered online and offline mobile applications for many customers, including:

  • An insurance and loss adjusters app, that allows field-based staff to carry out inspections and create reports in hostile environments. Data, information and workflows are synced and actioned once connectivity is re-established. Application changes (new fields, objects etc.) made in the CRM system are dynamically pushed down to the tablet device.

  • A sales order entry app, providing real-time sales inventory and delivery management information to field-based sales staff working with farmers and vets across the world.

  • An app to allow field-based staff to enter and manage expenses and holiday/absence information.

  • An app to manage and report on the remote capture and updates of case information from field-based third parties and contractors who are examining possible breaks in underground high voltage electrical cables.

  • A dynamic sales order and product promotion app (2 for the price of 1, etc.), to work in food retail environments – often in locations such as kitchens and basements where no internet is available. Based upon the sales order, the app then suggests special product offers and discounts for extra purchases.

We have also developed many other applications, including:

  • A major European airline required an upgrade of an old charter and group booking system. There was no upgrade path and so the entire application had to be rewritten in a modern language in just five weeks. This also included the data transformation from the old system to the new. Airport data and complex flight algorithms for all the European airports had to be updated and tested.

  • A communications management application for a large water authority who had been suffering from immense political and social pressure.

  • A mobile phone insurance application – processing the initial web-based sales order and payment through to managing a claim and handling any device returns.

  • A global facilities management company required a very high quality customer-facing budgeting application, in order to ‘slice and dice’ all the revenue projections and cost data for their major clients across Europe. This had to be graphical in nature so that their key accounts could drill down into each building and examine how their money was being spent.

  • An aircraft facilities management company required a ‘plane configurator’ to be built that allowed it to provide complex financial leasing quotations to prospective customers.

  • A project planner (down to calendar tasks and activity level) for a local development authority was built to ensure that social inclusion was being carried out across all social, demographic, financial and neighbourhood sectors.

Integrations & Connectors

We have completed numerous integration projects such as Sage integrations to Salesforce.com, ERP systems to Salesforce.com and Field Service applications to Salesforce.com. For Zoho, we have been involved with integrations with Global Learning Management and Test Management applications.

  • Two-way synchronisation between Sage and Salesforce for a major refrigeration servicing group – the integration was for four separate businesses (i.e. four Sage instances) in the group and included product, pricing, credit management, renewals and service information.

  • Integration between Salesforce and Paypal to take online insurance policy payments.

  • Integration between Stripe (online payments) and Salesforce in order to manage software subscriptions and renewals through a Salesforce Community portal.

  • An App exchange connector for Europe’s leading suppliers of customer service representative call scoring software – linking cases directly to the call transcript and the quality / compliance scoring system.

  • Integration for three distance learning companies between their Salesforce systems and Moodle.

  • Integration for automatically reconciling direct debit payments into a client’s bank with their customers’ orders. The aim was to eliminate manual intervention and rapidly address non-payments or part-payments from customers.

Data Migration Projects

Cloudtech has specialists in Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) who have many years data migration experience. Most of our projects will contain an element of data migration and initial data loading. Examples include:

  • A global car brand required 30-plus years of customer and dealer data (prospect, customer, car, parts & service histories – including customer satisfaction surveys down to each individual response to each question!) cleansed and amalgamated from several old source systems and transformed onto a new Cloud platform to be used in a new CRM and B2C marketing system.
    The data also had to be segmented and secured in many ways, to ensure that the car manufacture could see and use all the data, and also so that the dealers could use the marketing solution and see and use their own direct customer data. Both the manufacturer and dealer branding had to be absolutely consistent.

  • For several stockbroker and asset management firms, we have cleaned up and merged volumes of data for high net worth individuals and reloaded the updated information into new systems providing detailed information on investments and relationships etc.

  • For more than 20 not-for-profit organisations and charities we have imported data from several sources (typically multiple excel & outlook files), cleaned them up and loaded them into customised CRM systems.