Salesforce & Zoho

CRM - Implementation and Customisation

Cloudtech will implement your CRM and provide all the skills and experience to make sure that you get the maximum benefit as quickly as possible.  Our core strength is customising your application and building out bespoke features and functionality – to your exact specifications.


Cloudtech provides onsite and offsite system administration, support and maintenance – allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our dedicated support team ensures users get the best from their CRM systems by being on hand to resolve queries and issues.  We handle problems from Level I right through to in-depth technical issues at Level III (API, custom code – Java, PHP, Apex, etc.).

You can rest assured that your critical business systems and processes are kept up to date – taking advantage of the latest application releases and functionality.

When carrying out Support, it is best practice to make and test any changes in a Test or Sandbox environment initially, before promoting to your production system.  If you intend to make changes straight into your production system, we will ensure that formal sign-off is obtained first of all and that all precautions are taken beforehand.

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Sandboxes create copies of your live system in separate environments. They can be used for development, testing and training, without compromising existing users, data or existing applications in your live system.

Many licence types come with access to a Sandboxes as standard.  You just need to check the type of licence you have and what sort of Sandbox you require – we can help you with this. also offers several different types of Sandbox (Developer, Developer Pro, Partial and Full Data) and you need to choose the version that is most suitable to what you want to achieve, and also according to your budget, as there is quite a difference in cost!


Zoho now provides a Sandbox in their paid for CRM applications.  You can create all your changes in the Sandbox, try out new features and functionality and test thoroughly before deploying anything to Production.  If as a Zoho user you are unfamiliar with how to set up and use the Sandbox we can help.

Please contact Tim Pullen at telephone +353 86 6044820 or e-mail for further information and pricing.

Typical support items covered

We support all ‘out of the box’ and Zoho editions and licence types.

If you have custom applications or objects, bespoke code, integrated applications or are using third party apps, we will review these as part of an initial system review and will advise accordingly regarding support.

We are familiar with all major popular applications that Clients use alongside their CRMs – ERP & accounting packages, email campaign tools, customer service, project management, sales enhancement, business intelligence tools, mobile apps, CPQ and telephony applications.

Typical CRM Features, Functions, Applications & Objects supported

Feature Description Salesforce Zoho
Accounts Out of the Box
Answers Out of the Box
APEX – app builder Custom
API Custom
Approvals Out of the Box
Assets Out of the Box
Auto Responders Out of the Box
Campaigns – Lifecycle Marketing Zoho App
Campaigns – standard Out of the Box
Cases Out of the Box
Change Sets Out of the Box
Chatter / Chat Out of the Box
Communities SFDC App
Conga – complex document creation Third Party App
Console Out of the Box
Contacts Out of the Box
Contracts Out of the Box
Copy Customisation Out of the Box
Creator – app builder Zoho App
Dashboards Out of the Box
Data Management – backup etc. Out of the Box
Data Wizards – import / export Out of the Box
Dataloader – data management Out of the Box
Deluge – scripting Out of the Box SFDC App
Docs – document storage Zoho App
Docusign – online signing Third Party App
Echosign – online signing Third Party App
Email Integration & syncing Out of the Box
Escalation Rules Out of the Box
Events & Calendars Out of the Box
Forecasting Out of the Box
Groups Out of the Box
Ideas Out of the Box
Inventory Out of the Box
Invoices Out of the Box
Jitterbit – data management Third Party App
Leads Out of the Box
Letterheads & Footers Out of the Box
Lightning & Canvas App Builder Out of the Box
Opportunities Out of the Box
Page Layouts Out of the Box
Partner Relationship Management – PRM SFDC App
Portal Out of the Box
Price Books Out of the Box
Products Out of the Box
Projects Out of the Box
Quotas Out of the Box
Quotes & Sales Orders Out of the Box
Record Types Out of the Box
Reports Out of the Box
Reports (Advanced) Zoho App
Roles & Profiles Out of the Box
SalesIQ Zoho App
Sandbox Out of the Box
Search Out of the Box
Security Out of the Box
Self Service – web2case & web2lead Out of the Box
ServiceMax – field service management Third Party App
Sheet – spreadsheet Zoho App
Skyvia – data management Third Party App
SLA’s – contracts cases Out of the Box
Social Zoho App
Solutions Out of the Box
Support Zoho App
Surveys Zoho App
System Administration Out of the Box
Talend – data management Third Party App
Tasks & Activities Out of the Box
Templates – Email, mail, web forms Out of the Box
Territory Management Out of the Box
Translation Workbench Out of the Box
User, Company & Org Administration Out of the Box
Views Out of the Box
VisualForce – creating custom user interface Custom
Wiki – knowledge base Zoho App
Workflows & Rules Out of the Box
Writer – document creation Zoho App