System & Security HealthCheck

For companies concerned with efficiency and security, Cloudtech offers a range of HealthCheck services to review your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application at a high level.

We will assess whether you can immediately take advantage of any recent updates as well as offer feedback on how to streamline your application in order to better meet your on-going and future needs.

The economy has changed considerably over the last few years and your business is facing challenges that it has never faced before. Popular CRM applications such as have also changed radically over this time in order to address this different climate and respond to the new trends in business.

We will take a practical and pragmatic look at how your system has been set up and how your business now relates to it. We will identify ways that you can take advantage of any new functionality or releases that will allow your business to improve in the following ways:





Efficiency Check

We will look at the overall usability and set-up of your application as well as review the following objects, providing you with a HealthCheck Report and Roadmap:

  • Users – Roles & Profiles

  • Campaigns & Opportunities

  • Accounts, Contacts & Leads (& web to lead)

  • Products, Price Books, Contracts & Assets

  • Cases (& web to case)

  • Reports & Dashboards

  • 3rd Party Applications installed into your system

  • User Interface, Record Types, Page Layouts, Workflows & Triggers

We can also offer advice and guidance on data quality issues.

Security Check

As part of a thorough Security Check and upgrade, we will:

  • Check your end to end CRM security

  • Clean up your user access and removed system administration access

  • Check (and where necessary, improve) your API connections to 3rd party systems

  • Check who can access your unencrypted .CSV data exports, and take appropriate action where necessary

  • Conduct an audit to test to determine how safe your customer applications are

Key HealthCheck Benefits

  • Validate data cleanliness

  • Improved user adoption with better collaboration throughout the organisation

  • Less time spent entering data

  • More accurate reports & dashboards

  • Management better equipped to make important decisions

  • Automated processes (workflow) ensure important tasks get assigned and completed

  • Increased return on investment as a result of extracting full value from your CRM

  • Increased system security

Duration & Cost

A typical HealthCheck takes one to five days on site. The fee is €900 per day, plus expenses.

Further Information

For further information, contact Tim Pullen, Chief Executive Officer of Cloudtech.

Telephone: 086 604 4820
From outside Ireland: +353 86 604 4820