Testing & Sandboxes

What is a Sandbox?

A Sandbox is a copy (or copies) of your live system in separate environments.  They can be used for development, testing and training, without compromising existing users, data or existing applications in your live system.  Typically you would create a sandbox and then upload a small amount of test data.  For final testing it is always best to run your testing in a full data sandbox.


Many Salesforce.com licence types come with access to a Sandbox as standard.  You just need to check the type of licence you have and what sort of Sandbox you require – we can help you with this. Salesforce.com also offers several different types of Sandbox (Developer, Developer Pro, Partial and Full Data) and you need to choose the version that is most suitable to what you want to achieve, and also according to your budget, as there is quite a difference in cost!


Zoho now provides a Sandbox in their paid for CRM applications.  You can create all your changes in the Sandbox, try out new features and functionality and test thoroughly before deploying anything to Production.  If as a Zoho user you are unfamiliar with how to set up and use the Sandbox we can help.