Business Change

We specialise in resolving the challenges and opportunities found in

  • Business Transformation Projects

  • Digital Transformation Projects

  • Research & development of new applications and products

  • Custom Cloud & On-Premise projects

  • Mobile – Online and Offline projects

  • Integration & Connectors

  • Data Migration – Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)

Data Migration to Cloud - Cloudtech

Cloudtech works with you to help you understand changes to your business environment and respond to the challenges you are facing.  Changes can come from anywhere!  The environment, politics, regulatory, security, resources, your competitors, technology, finance – at some stage any (or all!) of these can impact your business.  Unless you are able to look at and measure your strengths & weaknesses, identify your opportunities and have contingency plans for any threats you will not be able to safely say that you are making the right decisions.

For your business & technology solutions we are dedicated to implementing and supporting Cloud-based applications in all industry sectors from small enterprises to multi-nationals.

We will support you with sound advice & guidance and provide the ongoing research, analysis, specification, design, architecture, application build, testing, training, implementation, maintenance and support through all stages of the business change lifecycle.

Three reasons to choose Cloudtech

  • We’ve got the Talent
    We provide skilled professionals with the personal, business and technological acumen needed to work with Clients at the most senior level.

  • We’ve got the Experience
    We have worked in Cloud-Based technology since the early 2000’s and have developed application systems for diverse clients with wide-ranging requirements. We use all of that experience to develop the perfect custom application for your business.

  • We’ve got the Technology
    As well as developing bespoke Cloud applications, we partner with industry leading technology suppliers and provide all the skills and expertise necessary to put together a solution using the best components available.