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Cloudtech & Zoho - a natural fit for your business

This is our story.  Cloudtech moved from using Salesforce.com to Zoho CRMPlus in order to help run it’s own business late in 2014.  We decided early on that becoming a Zoho Partner was a good complement to our existing business of working with Clients to help them to manage change.

Theory vs Practical

Being able to relate the challenges and changes that Cloudtech has been through and how we have used Zoho to support and develop our business moves our engagement with you from the theoretical to the practical.

In 2018 the Zoho One suite of applications was launched and the argument to use Zoho across our whole organisation had become genuinely compelling.  There is a Zoho application for 90% of your business activity with each application integrating and synced to other relevant applications.  Migrating / upgrading to Zoho One from CRMPlus was painless and was carried out in less than a day.  We immediately cut our monthly spend with Zoho by 60%!

On an almost daily basis we’ll use Campaign, CRM, Survey, Desk, Project, People, Expense, Invoice, WorkDrive & Cliq – these are tightly coupled together so that we are never holding data multiple times in silo’d applications.  We also use Meeting, Analytics, Assist, Creator, SalesIQ, Sign, Survey, Writer on a weekly basis as and when required.  We don’t have to export anything out, manipulate the data in Excel or upload any data.

Pricing – There is a fixed price per user per month (or annually) depending on whether you opt for an ‘All Employee’ pricing or ‘Flexible’ pricing – irrespective of whether you use all applications or just one.

  • All Employee : every full time employee will have to have a license – is €30 pupm
  • Flexible : you can choose who has a license – is €75 pupm

All the Zoho apps are browser based and there is a mobile version for each one.  Security and GDPR compliance is first class with data centres in Europe to choose from.

Impact – We stopped using SharePoint, a 3rd party HR system, a Project Management, Expenses / Invoicing package, Enterprise Backup software (across all devices), 2 collaborative working applications,  Skype for Business, a web conferencing application and we cut our monthly spend on 3rd party software applications by 80%.  Several of these applications we had been happily using for nearly 10 years and it was tough moving on.  For some it was very simple (e.g. Skype to Cliq and Joinme to Meeting were just a case of stop using one and start using the other) whilst others (HRLocker to People) required importing data and a parallel run.

What applications are right for you?

Every business is different – so how can a single suite of products match my requirements?

Each industry vertical Questionshas its own set of specific requirements whether they are process orientated, regulatory or compliance.  Not for Profits, Charities and Public Sector bodies each work in a completely different way to commercial organisations – subject to different pressures and drivers.   There are organisations that are driven by time, some by politics and some are purely reactionary as their markets and competitors change.

However – there are solutions that are horizontal and follow the 80:20 rule – whereby 80% of the functionality is pretty standard across industry verticals and only 20% needs to be configured to meet the individual organisations requirements.  This is where Zoho has been very clever is building up their Zoho One suite.  Each of the 40 plus applications can be used stand alone and when you measure them against their stand alone competitors they do OK (great – but so what?).  However when you start to use them together – at a monthly cost that is less than you would normally pay for one of them – then it gets interesting!

More Zoho products are being added to the Zoho One suite (their Wiki is available now although not shown on the menu below)  – in fact it would be far simpler to just list the products that aren’t included!

If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss any of the Zoho applications please call Tim Pullen on +353 866044820 or email him at tim.pullen@cloudtech.ie.

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