We worked with the engineering support team of a large sub-contractor to a major energy company to help them create an application to manage and report on the remote capture and updates of case information from field-based third parties and contractors who were examining possible breaks in underground high voltage electrical cables.

The longer breaks went undetected or fixed the greater the chance of a serious explosion or fire. By providing real time functionality direct to the engineering staff this reduced the time to fix by up to 60%.

Camlin Technologies Ltd

Ireland’s largest refrigeration servicing group had grown both through acquisition as well as organic growth but the Managing Director had an issue in that the group was essentially 4 separate businesses.

He needed to see his management information rolled up from both their 4 Sage accounts packages as well as his CRM systems.

We had been working to customise their CRM application (Sales, Account Management and Field Services) and were now invited to look at this issue and put forward a solution.

We reviewed each of the 4 businesses as well as documented the MD’s requirements and put forward a proposal to synchronise the Sage data on a daily basis and map it against the Salesforce data – including product, pricing, credit management, renewals and service information.

Cross Refridgeration