5 Easy Tips To Improve Productivity

We live in a world of information overload. It is so easy to get distracted. From social media to the next email to the news, the list goes on. A study conducted by the Technical University of Denmark found that our collective attention spans are decreasing due to the huge amount of information always presented to us. Social media, news updates, and ads are constantly competing for our attention. We are often trying to focus on several things at once, and failing to do so effectively.

Whether you work from home or in an office, the distractions are immeasurable. The major culprit being our mobile phones. According to research, the average adult in Ireland checks their phones about 55 times per day – approximately once every 26mins.

Luckily there are some easy and effective ways to help you improve productivity and cut down on the distractions.

Make a schedule for the day

  • While this may sound cliché, this habit is highly effective. Use the same calendar for your work and personal diary. This will prevent double booking.
  • Also share your calendar with colleagues so that they know when you are busy and do not interrupt while you are deep into your work.


Eat that frog

  • You may have heard this saying before but “Eating that frog” means you need to do the task you dread first before all other tasks. Try to conquer any tasks you are most likely to put off. The tasks you enjoy will always be a breeze.

Use mobile app blockers

  • There are android, IOS and desktop applications out there that block social media and other distracting websites for a period. Offtime, Moment and Freedom are just a few. Be intentional and get the work done.

Keep your space clean

  • A messy environment creates a messy mind. Make your workspace as tidy as possible.
  • If you work from home, pick a quiet area free from noise and any distractions.
  • A designated work area makes break time feel like actual breaks and you can come back feeling refreshed. But also, family and friends respect that you are busy when you are in that special spot for work.
  • Decorate and make your workspace feel good. We spend so much time behind our desks. Make it as cozy as possible.

Make notes

  • We are only human; hence we have the tendency to forget information. Making notes means you can always go back to what was said without having to clutter your mind with a load of information.
  • There are tons of apps out there to help you achieve this – Zoho Notebook, One Note, Evernote and so on.
  • When using a CRM, make notes within the customers profile so it is easy to find and refer to.

These are 5 easy tips that you can apply today and begin to see an improvement in your productivity.