Secure Remote Working

Zoho Remotely

Zoho – our software partner – has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by offering a package of their remote working software free for a period of 3 months.  You can access this suite of applications by clicking here – Zoho Remotely.  Meeting, Cliq and Workdrive are the three core collaborative working tools and should you need any help setting them up – just call +353 (0) 866044820.  The other applications require a small amount of set up & training to use effectively (this will be done remotely!) and we’re offering a 50% discount on our normal rates.  The only exception to our offer is Lens (augmented reality software) as we have not used that product ourselves yet!


Additionally Zoho are offering all existing Zoho SMB customers (with less than 25 employees) who have been using any of their products for the last year the opportunity to apply for a ‘credit’based upon 3 times their February license subscription.  This ‘credit’ effectively provides a 3 month ‘holiday’ from any Zoho subscription fees.  If you are an existing Zoho customer and you feel that this offer applies to you then please click here – Zoho Emergency Assistance Subscription Program.

Zoho One

I would also like to highlight the other great offer from Zoho that has been available for a while – Zoho One.  This gives you all of their 40+ applications available together as one package.  We would recommend taking the monthly subscription option (it provides the ability to add/remove users or terminate without penalty and without an up front annual payment.  We think this flexibility is worth the small extra cost.  For more details on Cloudtechs’ Zoho experience and expertise please click here – Cloudtech or for Zoho One please click here – Zoho One.  By the way – we have been running our entire business on Zoho One for the last 18 months – from sales to projects to invoicing to support.

With a monthly subscription there are two ways of licensing Zoho One –

  • All Employee Pricing
    • €35 per user per month
    • All permanent employees must have a license
  • Flexible User Pricing
    • €90 per user per month
    • You decide who has a license

Remember – both options give your users access to all the products.  If you would like to take a free trial please click here – Cloudtech Zoho One Free Trial – this will ensure that your trial is on run on Zoho data-centers inside the EU.

On a final note – if you have any issues, questions or queries – or just need some friendly advice and guidance please feel free to call me at any time on +353 (0) 866044820 or email me at: